Battle of the sexes

Lately, I have just begun to understand the stereotypical, yet sadly true, identity of the two paradoxically complementary and contradictory sexes. And how they love and combat. Yes, indeed, I suppose... “All’s fair in love and war.”
Take women. In “Brideshead Revisited”, for instance, women are portrayed as selfish, egocentric and domineering. (One can hardly take Julia or even Cordelia as caring and loving women.) In “Women and Lovers”, the main protagonist is depicted as a self-serving, under-valued species. In “Thérèse Desquéroux”, the protagonist is again seen as an under-appreciated yet interesting character.
I must admit, if I may, that perhaps women have been given the lead role as the under dog. How many men do we see in either films or books as the under-rated character?
Well, I may be exaggerating. All I know is that the battle of the sexes has begun to interest me as a novel form... and may continue to.


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