Tyler  Kolody  is a second-year psychology student at Bishop's University. He is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys reading, playing video games and preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

A fresh-off-the-shelf graphic designer, Zoe Nadeau Boucher specializes in 3D conception and multimedia.  She believes that paper can be just as interactive as Facebook.

Chris Brandon wants you to think of a black monster truck on fire driving over stolen police cars filled with old wedding cakes.

For Shanna Pauline Bernier, writing is an infrequent but enjoyable hobby. A graduate of Bishop’s University in Arts Education, she also enjoys painting, mountain climbing with her husband Gordon, reading post apocalyptic books, and pie.

Simon Smart is a distant islander who doesn't belong in this strange land. He has just written a book and is hoping people will buy it.

Erik Wackernagel  has been writing intermittently since the autumnal equinox of 2002, alternating words with hieroglyphics.  He is currently investigating the use of encryption in modern literature.

Bill Moody  is currently studying German and Japanese at Bishop’s University. He likes to write and draw. On clear nights, when the moon is full, his teeth sort of maybe get sharper if you look really, really close, after a few beers.

Gordon Lambie teaches High School English and enjoys writing on the side. He writes a weekly column for The Sherbrooke Record and self-published a poetry collection, New Bright Idea, in 2010.

Everything Eleanor Gang writes is true to varying degrees. Her next indispensable wardrobe item will be a bathrobe conspicuously covered with cats.

A student of Contemporary Religion at Université de Sherbrooke, Etienne Domingue  is uncertain about serial commas. He collects undergraduate credits, deities and hats.

Adrian Downey paints with all the colours of the wind. His spirit can only be tamed by his burning ambition to be financially unsuccessful. He does not like wearing shirts.

Editing: Eleanor Gang 
Logo and web design: Zoe Nadeau Boucher 
Cover illustration: Chris Brandon 
Advertising, PR and event coordination: Tyler Kolody & Bill Moody 
Additional editing: Etienne Domingue 


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